newborn in an isolette with CortiCap

The Challenge

Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) is the leading cause of seizures in the neonate. Amplitude Integrated EEG (aiEEG) is often employed when EEG techs are not available.  aiEEG traces can be easily compromised by artifact and even a strong ECG rhythm, so pediatric neurologists prefer the standard cEEG when possible. Yet applying a standard set of EEG electrodes to newborns can be challenging and stressful to the neonate. Keeping electrodes in place on a baby’s head for extended recordings may also be an issue when the baby wants to move about.

The Solution

With the newborn size CortiCap, pre-measured, single-use, electrode set, hospitals can offer a low-stress option for the staff to apply a standard set of neonatal EEG electrodes. The CortiCap allows users to position all the electrodes in seconds and maintain their position. No adhesive is required and almost anyone can be trained to use this electrode set with an hour of training.

Case in Point

A hospital in Pennsylvania recently implemented the Newborn Corticap with their NICU nursing team so that an EEG could be initiated at any time with as little delay as possible even when an EEG Technologist was not available. Previously, when the EEG Technologist was not available to apply electrodes, the newborn child often had to be transferred to another facility that had the resources to monitor EEG and manage seizure activity during hypothermia treatment for HIE.  Now, in most cases, the patient care team initiates the EEG monitoring quickly to provide the care without the stress and time delay that occurs with a transfer.

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