Newborn CortiCap®

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Introducing the Innovative CortiCap® disposable EEG electrode cap

Designed to fit newborns

The CortiCap is a disposable, EEG electrode cap for newborns (28-36 cm head size), providing an easy-to-use way to quickly apply 13 scalp electrodes, positioned according to a reduced International 10-20 System (with REF and GND). The cap, designed by Greentek, is comfortable for the newborn patient to wear for extended recordings (48 hours or more) producing high-quality EEG signals when using the recommended electroconductive gel.

CortiCap is available as a box of 10 caps or as a case of 5 Application Kits which include all the supplies needed to correctly apply the CortiCap.

Connect to your EEG System with the M-Quick cable

The CortiCap connects to most EEG recording systems with the required, innovative M-Quick connector cable, terminated in standard labeled touch-proof pins. The M-Quick connector cable is reusable and is purchased separately.

  • Newborn with CortiCap
  • Connector cable for Newborn CortiCap
  • Newborn CortiCap electrode map

Product Literature

CortiCap Newborn Size and CortiCare Application Kit Product Flyers

Ordering Information

The Newborn CortiCap sized to fit heads with a circumference of 28-36 cm. The product is packaged in a box of ten (10) caps. The product is packaged in a box of ten (10) caps or as a case of 5 (five) CortiCap Application Kits (includes a CortiCap and all the recommended supplies needed to apply the CortiCap according to the Application Guide).

The M-Quick connector adaptor cable (reusable) is required for use and is ordered as a separate item.

To order go to the CortiCare eStore (, or download the CortiCap Products Order Form below and submit the completed fillable PDF by email to

Application Video and Guide

Click HERE to view the CortiCap Application Video and Application Guide.

CortiCap is a trademark of CortiCare, Inc.

Greentek is a trademark of Wuhan Greentek Pty Ltd.