CortiCap FAQ

CortiCap™ FAQ

View the Frequently Asked Questions about the CortiCap below:

CortiCap Features

Q: Is the cap disposable?

A: Yes, the cap is designed and manufactured for single-patient use. The M-Quick connector cable set is reusable.

Q: Is the CortiCap MRI-compatible?

A: No, the printed silver/silver chloride electrode array is not MR rated.  We recommend that the CortiCap be removed for MR imaging and then replaced with a new CortiCap when imaging is completed.

Q: How many electrodes does the CortiCap have?

A: The Adult and Child sizes of the CortiCap have 23 electrodes, including dedicated Reference and Ground electrodes.

Q: What supplies are used with the CortiCap?

A: The following supplies are recommended but others can be used. Conductive Creams: Elefix V, 180 g Tube (for Routine, Long-term, and Ambulatory recordings); Skin Prep: WavePrep EEG Skin Prep, 8.5 g Cup; Cotton Tip Applicators; Syringe: BD Liquid Dispensing Slip Tip Syringe 20 mL (used to add conductive cream to each electrode cup).

CortiCap Application and Use

Q: What type of EEG recording can the CortiCap be used for?

A: The CortiCap can be used for Routine, Long-term, and ambulatory EEG recordings. 

Q: How long will the CortiCap record for?

A: Following the standard Instructions for Use, with the recommended electroconductive paste, a study duration of up to 60 hours is easily achieved.  Longer duration recordings may require application of additional conductive paste to maintain impedance values less than 10K ohms.

Q: Will the CortiCap work with long hair?

A: Yes, the CortiCap will work with long hair, short hair, and no hair. The key step in applying the CortiCap is using the cotton-tipped applicator to sweep the subjects hair away from under the electrodes prior to injecting the conductive paste. To view video of CortiCap application on patient with long hair click on this link:

Q: Can the user move the electrodes?

A: Yes, the electrodes can be moved. The holes on the cap can be used to count the distance the electrodes have been moved so the homologous electrode can be moved in the same direction and distance to preserve symmetry.

Q: Will the CortiCap work with bed-bound patients?

A: Absolutely, the cap will work with bed bound patients. If the patient’s neck can be moved add a neck roll to the back of their neck. This will lift their head up so the cap can be applied.

Q: When should the CortiCap not be used?

A: The CortiCap might not be a solution for all patients.  Depending on their hair phenotype (e.g., high-volume hairstyles that prevent the CortiCap from fitting close enough to the scalp)  or post-surgical patients (bolts, drains, ICP monitors, missing bone flaps, etc). The cap may be an inconvenient solution for patients that may require frequent imaging procedures

Learning to Use the CortiCap

Q: How long does it take for a non-EEG technologist to correctly apply the CortiCap?

A: In about an hour most users can learn to use the CortiCap. We have found that typically, after performing three applications of the CortiCap, the user will be very comfortable using the product on patients.

Q: What is the average set up time with the CortiCap?

A: On average a trained user can set up a patient in 10-15 minutes.

Q: Will the CortiCap work with our EEG equipment?

A: The M-Quick Connector Cable is terminated with 23 industry-standard 1.5mm touchproof connectors, which connect to the inputs on almost all commercial EEG recording amplifier systems.  If you have a question about your EEG equipment, let us know what you have, and we will let you know if the CortiCap is compatible.