In-Home Ambulatory and Routine EEG Services

A Leader in In-Home Ambulatory Video-EEG

In-Home Ambulatory EEG  can be an integral part of diagnosing, classifying, and managing seizure disorders and identifying non-seizure related causes of patient-reported events (PNES, cardiac, sleep disorder, behavioral, etc.).

Advantages of multi-day, in-home ambulatory video-EEG recordings:

  • Lower cost of service than a stay in a hospital Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)
  • Quicker access to service, no long wait for the availability of a bed in EMU
  • In-home services eliminate the need for patient/family to travel to the hospital for testing
  • Potentially higher likelihood of capturing epileptic events in the home environment (avoid the “hospitalization anticonvulsant” effect)
  • In-Home EEG procedures are generally better tolerated than in-hospital video-EEG monitoring
  • Remote real-time monitoring of patient studies ensures quality recordings with excellent clinical yield

Improving Patient Care and Your Bottom Line

With technologists located in much of the US, we can provide EEG services almost anywhere. CortiCare’s team has been providing in-home video-EEG studies and routine EEG recordings to physicians, clinics, and hospitals for more than 10 years.

Ambulatory EEG services include:

  • Insurance pre-authorization and scheduling
  • Patient set-up by qualified EEG technologists: in-home or in-office
  • Full EEG montage with ECG and digital audio/video
  • Routine EEG with stimulation when requested
  • Real-time remote monitoring of patient study for quality by experienced staff with 24/7 live patient support
  • Local technologists to go onsite if needed and to collect the equipment at end of the recording
  • EEG Review and annotation
 by our R.EEG.T. staff within 3 business days of recording upload
  • EEG reading and report by our neurophysiologists, as requested
  • Study storage
 to our CortiCare Cloud Server with secure web-based physicians portal for study access and reporting

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CortiCare is Accredited by the Joint Commission

The Joint Commission Gold Shield

CortiCare has undergone a thorough evaluation of its systems and processes to confirm we meet the rigorous performance standards of The Joint Commission. In August 2021 we received The Gold Seal of Approval – a recognized symbol of quality. To find out more about the Accreditation process go to


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