CortiCare’s Quality Assurance Program

At CortiCare, we take a proactive approach to quality assurance as it is of the utmost importance. We hire the most extensively qualified candidates and hold them to the highest standards of practice. Guided by our Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan, we proactively monitor staff performance and evaluate trends in QA pass percentages. Data is collected daily and each technologist is formally evaluated quarterly to measure adherence to protocols. One-on-one coaching and training are provided to continually improve performance. With a nationwide staff of more than 190 EEG technologists, CortiCare’s QA programs provide a system of delivering consistent services, meeting recognized industry standards set by ASET, ACNS, AES, and the Joint Commission.

Our goal is to always provide top-quality services to our customers in order to ensure the best patient care.

  • CortiCare hires highly qualified EEG Technologists from across the country with many years of experience working in our nation’s best hospitals.
  • All of our remote LTM Technologists and Ambulatory Review Technologists are R. EEG T with ABRET.
  • The CLTM credential from ABRET is also encouraged and supported and a high percentage of our technologists currently have this advanced certification.
  • After meeting initial qualifications for experience and registration, all remote LTM technologists and Ambulatory Review Technologists must demonstrate competence in EEG pattern recognition for all age groups.
  • We have a robust system in place to support and evaluate the work of our technologists in all areas – Inpatient Remote Monitoring, In-Home Ambulatory EEG, and Onsite Services in order to ensure adherence to established documentation and notification protocols.
  • Competencies are consistently measured and maintained.
  • All In-Home Ambulatory EEG studies are set up and monitored in real-time for quality.
  • Each In-Home study is evaluated by our Technologist Review Team and overall quality is assessed according to established quality metrics.

We pledge to serve as the industry leader in EEG Services by setting the standard for processes, personnel, and innovation.

Christine Scott Blodgett, MA, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM, FASET; Director of Clinical Quality Assurance