EEG Reading and Consulting

EEG Reading and Consulting Services are Available 24/7

Physician reading EEG study on laptop

From the ICU and NICU to the ED and EMU, CortiCare offers the only nationwide network of remote EEG reading and consulting services, including long-term, STAT, and routine studies. Our Nationwide Neurophysiologist Network™ of board-certified neurophysiologists and epileptologists can see up-to-the-second patient brain activity and they can interpret EEG changes that may reflect seizures or other changes in brain function. Discover a real-time EEG reading solution that can help you make quicker decisions on patient management for what’s most important – better outcomes.

CortiCare’s EEG reading and consulting services include:

  • Integration with your existing physician readers to ensure full coverage
  • Comprehensive EEG interpretations with final reports for every study
  • Remote connection to access the EEG and generate a report to your EMR
  • All patient data remains with the hospital – right where it should be
  • Support for your credentialing process to bring our reading physicians on-staff

Serving the Growing Need for Pediatric EEG and Neonatal EEG Reading Solutions

There are less than 1,500 pediatric/neonatal reading neurologists in the U.S. today. CortiCare’s Neurophysiologist Network includes a number who are board-certified in pediatric and neonatal neurology which makes it possible for facilities, including units like pediatrics and neonatology, with no neurologists on staff to obtain insightful pediatric EEG readings. With 24/7/365 availability and comprehensive reporting, we can provide a big hand for your smallest patients.

Going beyond EEG Reading: Interpretation and Consultation

Once a seizure has been identified, what’s next? Our services don’t just stop at monitoring and reading for potential seizure risks. Our team of EEG Readers can also provide seizure management consultation on therapeutic pathways.

Remote EEG Reading Services

Long-Term EEG Reading

Our physicians are available for on-call long-term assignment of a cEEG monitored patient or an intermittently monitored patient. If our monitoring technologist detects a patient event our neurologist will be available within 30 minutes to connect in real-time and review the patient remotely and contact the attending physician with their findings if warranted. A report will be written every 12-24 hours and at the conclusion of the study.

Stat On-Call EEG Reading

Our physicians are available on-call for emergency stat EEG reading and interpretation within 90 minutes of a call to CortiCare. We will connect online to review the patient remotely and contact the attending physician with preliminary findings. A report will be written at the conclusion of the study by the neurophysiologist.

Routine EEG Reading

Our physicians are to read and interpret your routine EEG studies. The typical turn-around time is 24 hours after a call to CortiCare. Routine EEG reading studies are available for physician review using the CortiCare Interface Software or a secure hospital network drive. Details of the connectivity for remote access will depend on the hospital’s capabilities.

For details about all of our EEG Reading Services, contact us today.