CortiCap Use Case – CEEG in the NICU

newborn in an isolette with CortiCap

The Challenge Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) is the leading cause of seizures in the neonate. Amplitude Integrated EEG (aiEEG) is often employed when EEG techs are not available.  aiEEG traces can […]

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CortiCap Use Case – Children’s Hospital with Difficult Patient

Autistic boy

The Challenge This may be a more common occurrence than recognized. At a children’s hospital, a young patient on the autism spectrum would not lie down or sit still for […]

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CortiCap Use Case – Need for a Late Shift EEG with No EEG Technologist Available

The Challenge: A common situation at hospitals nationwide is a growing demand to initiate EEG monitoring in Critical Care Units as quickly as possible at any time of the day. […]

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EEG – A Powerful and Often Overlooked Diagnostic Tool

EEG tests and EEG monitoring are currently underused when it comes to identifying common diseases and performing neurological assessments in hospital patients, particularly in the United States and Canada. The expanded use of EEG can assist clinicians in making an accurate diagnosis, neurological assessment, or prognosis in patients.

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The Utility of EEG in Clinical Trials

EEG plays an important role in inclusion/exclusion criteria for safety and efficacy evaluations and as biomarkers in clinical trials. Given the heterogeneity of understanding of the strengths and the limitations of EEG in this context, we provide a brief commentary to inform drug sponsors, contract research organizations, and academic partners on some of the questions to consider.

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