Pharma clinical trials for new medications or other interventions that may impact or compromise brain function require that EEG be recorded, monitored, and analyzed. But EEG can also be a key tool to improve the quality and appropriateness of the subject cohort in a specific clinical trial. This webinar will present why, what, and how EEG is employed effectively during a variety of clinical trials for subject enrichment. In addition, the importance of standardizing the reading of EEG data in clinical trials will be discussed, including the use of quantitative EEG processes.

The presenters are Brandon Westover, MD, PhD from Beacon Biosignals and Dona Murphey MD, PhD.

Dr. Westover is a board-certified Clinical Neurologist also practicing at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he directs the MGH Critical Care Monitoring Services and the MGH Clinical Data Animation Center.

Dr. Murphey completed her training including a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology at Baylor College of Medicine and was the former Medical and Scientific Director for Clinical Trials at CortiCare.

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