March 2020

New Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many clinicians and facilities to reassess priorities and the processes for delivering services.  This is clearly true in the healthcare segments that CortiCare serves, namely the evaluation and monitoring of patients suspected or at risk for seizures or other brain function complications from chronic or acute illness.  In fact, as has recently been reported out of Wuhan, China, there is a significant incidence of neurologic involvement in patients suffering from severe responses to COVID-19.

CortiCare has recognized that the evolving pandemic is creating challenges to the ongoing delivery of services as resources are reassigned or become limited.  We can offer alternate solutions to healthcare providers struggling to continue to provide current services, while meeting new demands.

We have already experienced this in one large facility that has shifted many of its outpatient EEG studies to CortiCare to have us produce those studies in the patient’s home, including routine diagnostic EEGs and extended recordings that would have been done in the hospital EMU.

In response to these unusual circumstances, CortiCare wants to let our customers and others in the market know that we can help by providing solutions they may not have considered before.

New Solutions

There are several solutions that CortiCare can provide:

Inpatient cEEG Monitoring in Critical Care

As critical care patient admissions increase, a significant number will involve altered mental status with some experiencing non-convulsive seizures that require cEEG monitoring to detect and manage.  CortiCare has the capacity to monitor all your patients remotely, freeing up your staff for other duties. Consider outsourcing cEEG monitoring.

Outpatient Diagnostic EEG Studies

The restrictions that are or will be placed on outpatient departments, may mean limiting or delaying routine diagnostic EEG testing. CortiCare can provide this service in the patient’s home in many areas of the country.  We can record the EEG and provide a study that is report ready, or have our physicians generate the report.

Epilepsy Monitoring Units – Consider home-based, remotely monitored Video-EEG

If patient assessment cannot be postponed, consider evaluation of the patient with an extended, monitored video-EEG study in their home.  CortiCare can monitor intermittently or continuously, with physician access to the study anytime.  No limit on the number of recording days.

If you have a need for a new approach to provide critical EEG services, then contact us at or call 888.423.2334 ext.4