Find out how CortiCare is evolving to meet the anticipated demand and market growth going forward into 2021 and beyond. A recent article in Healthcare Tech Outlook by Jeff Kuznia, Director of Marketing at CortiCare, summarizes the company’s multipronged approach to addressing the EEG service needs of its customers and the goal of improving patient care.

“We anticipate continued growth in demand for these services and are evolving our company to meet the needs [of our customers]. This includes investment in our IT infrastructure to handle more data, improved diagnostic testing systems purpose-designed for our services, hiring and training of our technologist teams, adding more physicians to our neurophysiologist network, and developing new methods for connecting patients to diagnostic devices to save time and money while providing improved quality.” Jeff Kuznia, Director of Marketing

Read the article online in the current Ambulatory Care issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine. Find the article here