December 28, 2020

CortiCare was recently named one of the top 10 companies in the forefront of ambulatory care by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine – addressing the need for in-home ambulatory EEG.

For more than 12 years CortiCare has been delivering top-quality ambulatory EEG studies and in the last two years alone has grown to be one of the largest nationwide providers of in-home diagnostic EEG services. The recognition by Healthcare Tech Outlook is a testament to the dedication of CortiCare’s experienced EEG Technologists and support staff. They clearly make a difference in the lives of patients and the physicians that use these services.

“Our ambulatory EEG monitoring services driven by our unique CortiCloud platform helps to reduce costs on the health system, wait times for patients, and deliver high-quality diagnostic EEG information to patients, physicians, care facilities, and hospitals.”

Carl Tyler, Vice President of Sales

Link to the article in December 2020 issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook: