Recently, the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) published a series of resources covering technologist safety, equipment cleaning, physician staffing and how to manage orders and requests for neurodiagnostic testing, including inpatient EEGs, elective monitoring of patients in the EMU and outpatient testing such as routine and ambulatory video-EEG studies.

CortiCare has New EEG Solutions to meet the challenges from COVID-19

Here a few key points from the ACNS Resources:

  • With limited staffing, consider if an inpatient routine EEG should be converted to a continuous EEG (cEEG) to reduce re-connection procedures and time in the room. CortiCare is ready to monitor these patients remotely
  • To limit admissions to the EMU consider in-home ambulatory Video-EEG with remote monitoring. CortiCare provides this service every day, with intermittent monitoring and remote access to the study anytime.
  • Outpatient testing can be shifted to in-home Ambulatory Video-EEGs and even urgent Routine EEGs might be handled this way. CortiCare provides these services in most areas of the country.

For more information and to view the other COVID-19 related resources from the ACNS click here.

Download information on CortiCare’s New EEG Solutions approach: