CortiCare acquires Physicians Ancillary Services. The combined company now offers a complete set of EEG brain monitoring tools and services to medical facilities small and large nationwide.

Combined Portfolio of Hospital ICU Continuous EEG Brain Monitoring Services and Home-Based Ambulatory EEG Monitoring Services Gives Physicians New Tools and Access to High-Quality EEG Studies for their Patients.

CARLSBAD, CA – APRIL 22, 2019 – CortiCare, Inc., a leading provider of Tele-EEG Brain Monitoring services, today announced it had acquired Physicians Ancillary Services (PAS) in Rocky Hill, CT. PAS is a market leader in ambulatory EEG services, offering at-home EEG brain monitoring. This acquisition comes just nine months after CortiCare acquired the EEG assets of New York-based Safe Passage Inc., a company also providing ambulatory EEG monitoring services.

“We were looking for a partner that could help take us to grow by taking advantage of our ambulatory technology. Simply stated, we needed a partner with the resources and reach in the neuromonitoring arena. The combination of CortiCare’s nationwide remote monitoring infrastructure and our best-in-class ambulatory set-up services is a great match” said Carl Tyler, CEO at PAS.

“The integration PAS gives us greater breadth in neurodiagnostics. We have looked for a partner that can provide in-hospital set-up services to complement our remote hospital EEG monitoring services. PAS will allow us to help patients through the continuum of EEG care, from the hospital, physician office, and into the home,” said Tim Innes, CortiCare’s Executive Vice President.

“Through this acquisition, we are not only expanding our EEG service footprint, but investing in other brain monitoring diagnostic technologies including hardware, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based services. This technology will provide clinicians a wider array of information on the brain in a format that is fast, accurate and traditionally only available to neuro-specialists. We consider this the New Wave of EEG,” said Brad Westcott, the President of CortiCare.

In addition, HCAP Partners, a California based private equity firm, announced today its partnership and investment in CortiCare. As a result of this investment, CortiCare is actively seeking additional acquisitions of high-quality neuro-based diagnostic companies. For more information, please contact or