Critical Care Services

cEEG Monitoring Services for Your Critical Care Patients

Are the critical care patients at your hospital monitored for seizures 24/7? Do you have ICU monitor reading physicians available 24/7?
CortiCare can provide real-time ICU EEG monitoring solutions to all of these scenarios with our innovative, remote tele-EEG services.

Monitoring Features

Remote access via secure connection (HIPAA compliant) provided by CortiCare

24/7/365 availability

Registered technologists, including multiple CLTMs with an average experience of more than 10 years

All data remains with hospital

Reading Features

On-demand readers are available 24/7/365

Our team can supplement your team to provide full coverage – an effort to prevent litigation for unattended seizure management

Comprehensive, written reports every 24 hours

Consultation offerings for seizure management

For more information on CortiCare’s ICU cEEG Monitoring Services, contact us today.