Continuous EEG Monitoring

Leaders in Remote Continuous EEG Monitoring

Whether you’re a large hospital or small private practice, CortiCare offers low cost, end-to-end brain monitoring and diagnostic services. Use all or just those you need, when you need to view, monitor and access information.

CortiCare pioneered the ability to provide remote continuous seizure monitoring in the ICU, NICU, ED and EMU. With over 40 ABRET Registered Technologists (many with CLTM), we are dedicated to improving patient care through real-time brain wave monitoring and communication.

From adding new services to expanding current services, CortiCare delivers.

We know not every hospital is alike. That’s why we can partner with your facility to meet your specific EEG monitoring needs. Whether it’s 24/7 continuous monitoring or just nights, weekends and holidays, we can fit your workflow gaps. When it comes to on-demand, you can expect a quick log-in response from one of our technologists – typically within 15 minutes of your request. Our flexible approach can also provide all the necessary EEG monitoring equipment or simply work with your facility’s current brand or system.

CortiCare Services

CortiCare is national provider for Ambulatory EEG studies in the home or physician office. This includes the delivery of Routine EEG studies when needed.

  • Critical Care Continuous EEG Monitoring
  • LTEM in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
  • Ambulatory Video-EEG and Routine EEG
  • EEG Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
  • EEG Reading and Consultation through our Neurophysiologist Network™


EEG Monitoring FAQs

At CortiCare, we’ve worked hard to make EEG monitoring a simple process. Here are a few commonly asked questions.

What do we need to get started?

The great thing about our EEG service, is that we don’t require a minimum patient volume or start-up costs. Once you’ve completed our service contract, we can get started. We can use your EEG system (any brand) or we can provide our one.

When are the technologists available and where are they located?

Our technologists are located throughout the U.S., and are available on-call for any amount of monitoring time. Our technicians are typically able to access the brain wave monitor within 30 minutes of your call to CortiCare.

How does CortiCare connect to our EEG system? What if the connection is lost?

CortiCare uses a highly secure and sophisticated HIPAA compliant interface software. This technology allows point-to-point remote seizure monitoring over a regular internet connection. We work closely with your IT department to obtain approvals and look at other connection options. If the connection is lost, the EEG system will continue recording brain waves, and our technologist will review any data not monitored once reconnected. No patient data is ever lost on the EEG system.

Who can remotely connect to the EEG system?

The CortiCare EEG monitoring technologist, the reading neurologist and any authorized hospital clinician can view the patient data on the EEG system at the same time. Our technologists can monitor up to 4 patients simultaneously and handle remote connections with physicians.

What happens when a potential seizure is monitored?

The tech will immediately call the reading neurologist, inform them of the findings, and ask if they want to connect to see the patient data for further interpretations and recommendations.

For further questions, contact us today.