Private Practice / SNF

Add EEG to your practice — and another revenue source.

CortiCare for private practice is a remote, cloud-based solution that makes it easier than ever to perform ambulatory or routine services in your office.

Our cost-effective tele-EEG services can help increase patient health while decreasing your facility costs. In fact, CortiCare can not only help you save money, but provide you the opportunity to make money.

Our CortiCare EEG platform lets you pick and choose the services and equipment you need. You can even rent the necessary tools or services for a small monthly fee – it’s easy, convenient and customizable.

Available CortiCare EEG Platform products and services include:
  • Wireless, handheld EEG Equipment
  • Patient setup: cap and/or training
  • Review and annotation
  • Monitoring and reading
  • Cloud-based EEG software and data storage