International EEG Monitoring

Domestic Roots with a Global Reach

Because our qualified medical team is remote, CortiCare is able to offer international health services. When it comes to EEG, we can get you the right information at the right time for faster clinical intervention and improved patient outcomes, wherever your location, domestic or international.

Whether you’re a hospital looking to perform in-patient, hospital-based monitoring and reading or a private practice or clinic seeking to offer routine and ambulatory services, we can equip you with the necessary EEG services. Our low-cost equipment combined with our cloud-based access will give any clinician in international health care services the capabilities of an experienced EEEG physician.

CortiCare is already proving these services in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Let us help your facility – wherever it may be.

For more information on CortiCare’s International EEG Monitoring Services, contact us today.