CortiCap Application Kit – includes CortiCap and all supplies needed for use. Case of 5 Application Kits


The CortiCap™ is a disposable EEG electrode cap designed by Greentek that provides the user an easy-to-use way to quickly apply scalp electrodes (positioned according to the International 10-20 System). The cap is comfortable for the patient to wear for extended recordings (48 hours or more).

The CortiCap Application Kit contains the supplies needed to prepare each electrode location and apply the conductive paste to produce high-quality EEG signals.

Each Application Kit includes 1 CortiCap (of the selected size), 1 small cup of WavePrep gel, 6 cotton-tipped applicators, 1 180 g tube of Elefix V, and a 20 mL “slip-tip” syringe.

Ordered and shipped only in a Case unit containing 5 (five) Application Kits per Case.

Part Numbers: KIT-101 Adult Size; KIT-102 Child Size; KIT-103 Newborn Size

Download the CortiCap Application Kit Flyer

CortiCap connects to most EEG recording amplifiers with the required, reusable M-Quick Connector Cable (ACC-107)  for the Adult & Child size caps or the M-Quick Connector Cable (ACC-108) for the Newborn size cap.

Additional information

Weight 4.35 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 8 in

Adult 53 – 62 cm, Child 45 – 53 cm, Newborn 28 – 36 cm