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The following links contain the summaries of the most recent abstracts of journal publications concerning continuous EEG monitoring and associated issues.  

EEG Monitoring in the ICU

EEG Monitoring in the NICU

90% of Seizures in ICU are NCSz

Seizures in Newborns on Hypothermia Therapy and cEEG Monitoring

cEEG Monitoring of Newborns on Hypothermia for Hypoxic ischemic


cEEG and EEG in the ICU

Utilization and Outcomes – 2005 2009

(Retrospective outcome study of 40,945 patient discharges)

Subclinical early posttraumatic seizures detected by continuous EEG monitoring in a consecutive pediatric cohort

Continuous EEG Monitoring is reimbursed depending on how it is used in the hospital.

There are certain criteria that dictate which Global CPT Codes to use for cEEG monitoring:

  • The length of time the patient is monitored
  • Whether the EEG study is attended by a technician or nurse
  • How many channels are included in the EEG montage.

Below is a list of the most common CPT Global Codes for EEG monitoring.  If you need the technical and professional component visit the AMA CodeMaster for break downs on RVUs and State specific information.  

Neurotelemetry cEEG – 2014 Reimbursement Information*

Common CPT® codes for monitoring – Medicare National Average Reimbursement. Please note, reimbursement in your state or by your carrier may vary